Family History

Photograph of Soldier.Family is important to all of us but over time families become disconnected from each other. This can be for many reasons. Children with no siblings can become distanced from cousins, some people never marry and some of those who do marry never have children of their own. People may emigrate, losing touch with their English relatives they have left behind. This was the same for our ancestors, who travelled much more than many people think, making it difficult to trace back our family trees.

Ancestry and Heirs are able to help you trace your family ancestry, with a particular expertise in Kent ancestry. Knowing your ancestors does not change your life, you might have noble ancestry or descend from the workers of the land, but knowledge about them gives richness to your family history and provides stories to tell your children and grandchildren.

Ancestry and Heirs endeavour to research your ancestry going back in time from the present day to the early 1800s and many times beyond. Using census records along with birth, baptism, marriage, death and mewspaper records, a picture of your ascendants is slowly built up to provide knowledge of your family tree. 


At Ancestry and Heirs the costs are kept simple.  Choose from either the Silver Research or the Gold Research packages, or should you require bespoke research undertaken, I will then discuss this with you to agree the amount of time to be spent on the research. This is then billed at 35 per hour.  A copy of the contract can be seen here.

Silver Research

This consists of one surname, researched back four generations, to include spouses and children where found. You receive an A4 Family Tree Chart together with a written report which includes transcripts and references to records sourced.  The cost of this is 280.

Gold Research

This is the same as the Silver Research but includes two surnames researched back four genertions. The cost of this is 480.

Types of research that people request includes:

  • Research of the male line, to include spouses, children and occupations
  • Research of 4 generations
  • Research to answer specific questions
  • Help with finding a specific ancestor

It is important to stress that the costs are for the time spent in undertaking the research.  The findings are then presented in a written report and examples of these can be seen here.